About Us

A dev shop for startups & SMBs.

EntropyLabs is a fast growing & new age digital agency for startups & SMBs. Our processes & development approach is inclined with the lean startup methodology to fast track development by adopting a combination of business-hypothesis-driven experimentation, iterative product releases, and validated learning.

Our Story

You must have talked to or reached out to many digital agencies to develop/launch your web/mobile app. Most of the existing web agencies simply tend to ignore or not understand the targeted approach that is required to disrupt the market. There is a ready made solution of one-size-fits-all or mass production of similar websites that is deployed by most.

We know you have spent months figuring out the right product & market fit for your business idea. Now, all you need is the right dev partner to accelerate you to quickly launch your product in the market. At the same time, understand the key value propositions, the targeted audiences & market dynamics.

Creating a thriving business is not a one-month job. Its an iterative to process to constantly engage with your audiences, work on a 360 degree approach to reach out to them via content, media & technology.

We want to solve this problem. We have worked closely with many startups to assist them to identify the right gaps, develop iterative features/functionality, launch quickly in the market & guide them along in this journey.